Yes, it’s me

I’m a journalist and I write for Il Mattino, the main daily newspaper of southern Italy since 1996. I have closely followed the events of Mafia pollution in the Terra dei Fuochi (“land of fires”) and the scandal over counterfeit foods in the north of Naples, between Naples and Caserta, in Campania region.
I usually write about camorra (local mafia), politics, social and waste emergency in which now is called the “Land of Fires” in the north of Naples, in Campania Region, and I have the opportunity to tell everyday what happens on my territory.
In my activity I tried to keep the spotlight on pollution in the area, and on the presence of the camorra which hinders economic and social development. I have written thousands of articles for my newspaper and for this blog but also three books. And I think they are three steps of my storytelling about the waste and social emergencies in Campania region.
I wrote a book titled “Io, Cirillo e Cutolo” (Cento Autori, 2009) about the relationship between Camorra and politicians. This happened in the 1980s after the earthquake, which destroyed some areas in Campania region, including Naples. in 1981 the Red Brigades kidnapped Ciro Cirillo, a very important politician of the time (he belonged to the majority party, the Christian Democrats). To aid his release the leaders of the City party invited the Mayor of Giugliano, Giuliano Granata, to meet the boss Raffaele Cutolo, who was in prison at the time. I had the chance to interview him to gain insight into the secrets of the negotiation leaded to the release of Cirillo, who was freed 80 days later. The Christian Democrats paid Cutolo to use his influence with the Red Brigades. When this thing happened, the history of the management of contracts in Campania changed.

I also published essays in two anthologies. The first one was “Economic rights suspended ” with a preface by the magistrate Raffaele Cantone (Ad est dell’equatore, 2011), who is the president of the Italian government anti-corruption authority. It is entitled “Smoke Signals: the Land of Fires burns”. In “As chameleons in a mirror” (Ad est dell’equatore, 2013) my essay is entitled “The exodus of Roma people from Giugliano”.

For a long time the Camorra was a brand with a very rigid structure. Camorra has invested big capital in industries also in northern Italy and abroad. Now the leaders are in prison and there are small criminal gangs operating in Naples. Minors often form the so-called paranza (small armed groups struggling for power) and shoot in the street giving life to the phenomenon of “stese”.